Introducing Bremerton Wines Walter's Cabernet

Bremerton Wines
1 December 2017 | Bremerton Wines

Introducing Bremerton Wines Walter's Cabernet

Welcome to the Bremerton Wines virtual cellar door. We are Rebecca and Lucy Willson, the owners and managers of this gorgeous winery, out in the luscious Langhorne Creek region. Although we’re only a 50-minute drive from the city, we understand that not everyone can make it out here, so we’re going to run you through a virtual tasting of one of our faves, Walter’s Cabernet.

Walter was actually our grandfather's name, and secretly it’s safe to say that Walters Cabernet is a bit of a family favourite. It’s kind of like having a favourite child – you’re not really meant to do it.

Part of our reserved range, it’s a wine that really reflects our amazing ability to grow cabernet sauvignon in this region. We are really spoilt in that we have so many parcels to look at each vintage. This wine is a selection of the best barrels, so it is a seamless wine with the most amazing length. Really fine tannins give this a concentration that makes it a tightly wound wine when it is young – which means that we do recommend it for cellaring. We age it for two years in the barrel and another two years in the bottle. So it is four years of age by the time we release, but there is easily ten years plus cellaring potential on this wine. We’ve made every vintage of this wine, bar one, since 1988 – so we really do have a long history. And while it is a big wine it is still very elegant – quite brooding with a complex structure that takes some time to reveal itself.

We would love to see you in person, this wine is fabulous and needs to be tasted to be believed. Remember we are less than 50-minutes drive from the city  – totally worth it for a try of this family favourite. 

Rebecca & Lucy Willson

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