Introducing Bremerton Wines Tamblyn

Bremerton Wines
17 November 2017 | Bremerton Wines

Introducing Bremerton Wines Tamblyn

Welcome to Bremerton Wines, we are situated in Langhorne Creek (only 50 minutes’ drive from Adelaide) and this is our virtual cellar door! Today, we are delighted to introduce you to our Cabernet / Shiraz / Malbec / Merlot varietal, the Tamblyn

The name ‘Tamblyn’ is in recognition of our grandmother’s ancestors who migrated to Australia from Cornwall, England – another tribute to our family. 

The varieties in Tamblyn make up a wine that is quite full flavoured but with a very approachable palate. It’s really silky and easy to drink – we like to say it’s a little dangerous. But the beautiful thing about Tamblyn is that its flavour is so layered, you can sit down with a glass and five minutes later there is a new complexity is coming out.

Bremerton Wines Tamblyn

It’s the most rewarding wine to make, there are a total of 13 parcels that end up being in this blend and it certainly makes for a day of black teeth when we are blending! But it’s a lot of fun. Tamblyn is definitely a wine that you can drink with a pizza or even a more complex dish. It’s honestly just very easy drinking.

It's one wine that we always recommend because it does suit people that really love the bigger, bolshier red wines. But it also works for a lot of people that don’t drink a huge amount of red wine – it’s soft enough and approachable enough for those to enjoy.

It's actually a really perfect dinner party or get-together with friends, kind of wine. The perfect bottle for when you have people with varying in taste.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Virtual Cellar Door tasting of Tamblyn today! We’d love to see you in person – don’t forget we’re only a 50-minute drive from Adelaide. Drop by and sample a drop of Tamblyn and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Rebecca & Lucy Willson

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