Other Special Projects

Bremerton aims to continue to be at the forefront of dealing with environmental issues within our industry. We take pride in remaining up to date with environmental best management practice and ensure this through the ongoing attendance of Forums and Conferences on Environmental Issues.

For many years staff of Bremerton Wines have actively participated in the 'Environmental Management in Viticulture - Langhorne Creek' program. Under the program, a regional Environmental Management System (EMS) has been developed to assist vineyard owners to carryout environmental risk management and plan to to run their vineyards using environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs) supporting local catchment objectives.

The program has also produced the Langhorne Creek Biodiversity Plan to underpin the BMPs plus a climate change plan and climate change BMPs for vineyards. Through these activities Bremerton has great awareness and knowledge of environmental issues and manages its activities with reference to these resources.