An Hour with Rebecca & Lucy Willson

Here is a snippet from our feature article in Wine Business Magazine (WBM) January 2015 edition.


What's it like working with Lucy?

"It depends on what day you ask me.  Working with her is reflective of most sibling relationships. There are many times we don't even need to speak as we know what the other is thinking. On the flip side, there are some challenging exchanges. Both of these forms of communication provide entertainment for our staff. We are quite passionate people. As our brand states, 'It's our life.' We both know each other's commitment and dedication. Lucy and I have differing areas of the business that we work in, and I know that Lucy's area is in great hands. We have different personalities and ideas, but there is a trust due to familiarity and confidence that we are on the same path. I am more external, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am quick to react and what you see is what you get. I do spend a lot of emotion thinking and worrying about others. Although with age I am learning to slow down my reaction times and digest a little first. Lucy is a little more inclined to digest, think and process things more internally. She as a lot of patience and persistence. It's also great that we are raising our kids at similar times as we can support each other in understanding the work/family juggle at certain times of the year and help out when we can. Did she say she's funnier than me? She is more consistent and wittier with a regular slap of sarcasm. I just provide odd unexpected nuggets of gold."


What's it like working with Rebecca?  

"Depends on the day...funny, frustrating, fulfilling, fruitful and occasionally some other f-words thrown in. Usually it's easy as we are on the same page with the overall goals and desires of the family business and we often think about things in a similar way. We are both determined and head-strong, and with that mix, things will never be constantly rosy. We are pretty good at sorting it out though - and thanks to mum, dad and our husbands for often bearing the brunt of 'the vent'. The normal sister stuff of thinking or saying the same thing or not actually having to say anything and just interpreting the body language, definitely has its perks when working together. Although the timing can often be unfortunate when you need to be serious (meetings, tastings and speeches) and we see the same thing that makes us laugh. Once we both start trying to stifle laughs, it's a downward spiral. FYI, I am definitely funnier. The old adage of a family that plays together stays together applies - we need play time together as well as work. We are lucky to have started at a similar time and age in the business and have accumulated husbands and children after the fact. Our outlook for the business has not changed over the years even though our lives have. It is now just trying to get the un-gettable balance of family, business and life. We laugh, we cry, we argue, but we work well as a team and love each other 99 percent of the time."