Art Exhibitions

2018 SALA Festival at Bremerton is on from Wednesday 1st August  - Thursday August 30th 2018

The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is a state-wide festival of Visual Art. The SALA Festival was established in 1998 to promote and celebrate the many talented visual artists in South Australia.

Bremerton is delighted to be a part of this annual event, and this year we are host to Cathi Steer's exhibition - 'a depiction of the natural world with focus on the way the earth has been sculptured by the forces of nature and how shapes catch light.'

Cathi was born Catherine Heysen in the South Australian town of Penola.

Growing up on a farm exposed Cathi to the natural world and has been a strong influence on her work, having a love of landscape and animals and the play of light on subject matter.

Moving up to Adelaide in her late teens introduced more of an interest in figure painting and portraiture.

During her career, travelling has inspired her to broaden her subject matter to painting streetscapes and trying to recapture the experiences of seeing new and different placed.

Cathi now lives in Coromandel Valley where she works and displays a large body of her work.

You can see the exhibition at Bremerton Wines cellar door. We hope you enjoy the exhibition. For more information, please phone (08) 8537 3093.

If you are a local artist or photographer interested in displaying your work, please contact our cellar door (08) 8537 3093 or email