Art Exhibitions

For the month of February, Bremerton is showcasing the works of Lloma Mackenzie.

The exhibition 'Between Earth and Sky' – is a series of linocuts exploring the theme of place, the natural world and human endeavour.

As a passionate relief printmaker, Lloma makes high quality, exciting and contemporary art. She conveys her concepts to her viewers, through visual layers of translucent colours. By combining inks, lino, paper and mixed media, she crafts detailed exhibition images, in both two-dimensional and installation forms.

She uses traditional and alternative methods of lino-cutting to create both delicate and bold artworks. Drawing inspiration from both the natural and man-made environments, her work explores the themes of place and memory. Lloma often employs layers of translucent inks and layered images.

You can see the exhibition at Bremerton Wines cellar door. We hope you enjoy the exhibition. For more information, please phone (08) 8537 3093.

If you are a local artist or photographer interested in displaying your work, please contact our cellar door (08) 8537 3093 or email